poetic design, where every piece tells its own personal story and impresses with visual artisan work.
from an accomplished mix of ancient techniques and with a sensible feeling for zeitgeist arise your favorite pieces, as a contrast against the violence of our urban life.

the caro e. collections are made with a lot of heart and time out of high quality natural yarns like alpaca, merino, cashmere, eco-wool, mohair and aco-cotton.
the amount of certified eco-qualities varies and is about 90% in summer and 80% in winter collection. the rest is handpicked natural grown, herbal dyed, recycled or just natural wool from germany.
a collection in which you can live with clear conscience and feel good.

transparency of origin and production plays a big role for caro e. such as social responsibility does. we want to take the responsibility: our collections are manufactured fair in europe. short production ways and sustainable handling are self-evident.
further more we work with projects like a job-creation project in berlin and a certified fairtrade organisation in uruguay, who helps women to make their own income with dying wool sustainable just with plants.

for caro e. sustainability is a master plan. we only use fsc-paper, work with sustainable certified printers and use eco-gas and –power and all our ways of production and manufacturing are short and tranparent.

carolin ermer-graening
dipl. fashion-designer and founder of caro e. has experimented with needles and yarn since her early childhood, inspired by her always and everywhere knitting mom. after stays in the usa and all over germany she fell in love with berlin and founded caro e. in 2006 just with a few hats and scarfs.
by now, 2011, caro e. has about 35 dealers all over europe and more and more favorite hats, mittens and scarfs find their other parts...

think about the future!

imagefilm "under the surface"
Imagefilm caro e.

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